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Definition of station and train station

  • A station is a place for getting on and off of passengers (including the passengers use facilities and equipment.), shipment of cargo, composition, turnout and evacuation of trains.
  • A station is composed of a train station, switchyard, and signal field. The train station is a railway facility where trains regularly stop to load or unload passengers or freight.

The type of train stations

(the classification of function) Normal Station, Simple station

  • Normal station: A station to stay stationmaster and deal with passengers and cargos at the same time.
  • Simple Station: It has no stationmaster and employees. Trains stop only. It includes simple placement station and no placement Simple Station.
  • Simple placement station: A station to deal with passengers and cargos by placing the employees. And facilities such as platform, waiting room, and toilet are installed to handle passengers to a minimum.
  • No placement Simple Station: Usually unstaffed. Trains stop when crew requests to stop at station.

(the classification of the form) ground station, underground station, over-track station, under-track station

Train station type classification

Ground Station: A station located on ground level, sited one side of track. Passengers access to a platform through underground or elevated aisle.

  • 지상역 개념도 이미지
  • 지상역 단면도 이미지
  • 지상역 사례 이미지(경부고속철도 울산역)

Underground station: A station located at underground level and it has more than one flow of passengers.

  • 지하역 개념도 이미지
  • 지하역 단면도 이미지
  • 지하역 사례 이미지(성남~여주 이매역)

Over-track station : A station located at upper level of railway on the ground level and it has one or two flows of passengers.

  • 선상역 개념도 이미지
  • 선상역 단면도 이미지
  • 선상역 사례 이미지(호남고속철도 정읍역)

Under-track station : A station located at lower level of railway on the ground level and it has one or two flows of passengers.

  • 선하역 개념도 이미지
  • 선하역 단면도 이미지
  • 선하역 사례 이미지(경부고속철도 오송역)