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Communication system

Communication system

Communication system

Communication line facility

  • Cable trough
    • Being installed at the wayside of high speed railway, this facility accommodates power cables, control cables and communication cables
    • There are 3 types: CT-G type for earthworks, CT-B type for bridge, and CT-T type for tunnel
    • Install at the both sides of line, total 624km
  • Communication cable
    • Optical cable : 624 km × 2sets
    • Copper cable : 312 km × 1sets
  • for earthworks

    for earthworks

  • for bridge

    for bridge

  • for tunnel

    for tunnel

  • Cables


Station communication system

역무용 통신설비 구분 표
Facility type Features
Passenger information system
  • Inform KTX departure and arrival
  • Inform train route
  • Inform gate for train
Dispatch telephone
  • Direct phone line for job commanding between Operation control center and local command room, or between the sites for each field
  • General call, group call, individual call
  • Provide voice, data and fax communication
  • DID, DOD
  • Automatic contact number guide
CCTV system
  • Monitor passenger safety at platform
  • Monitor unmanned substation
Travel information system
  • Provide train information required for travel and tour
  • Monitor unmanned substation
  • Maximize efficiency to attract passengers
Electronic watch
  • Provide identical standard time to high speed railway OCC, operation offices, waiting rooms, and other amenities around the station.

Transmission network facility

  • Overview
    • Digital optical communication network system to mutually transmit a variety of information required for high-speed railway train operation and maintenance such as voice, data, and image to station, depot and various machinery rooms.
  • Features
    • Common ducts are installed at the both waysides along the high speed railway routes, and power, control, and communication cables are installed in those ducts (308Km)
    • Optical cables for transmission network facility are installed in the common ducts (370Km)
전송망설비 개요도 서울 부산간 기간망:SMT-16(Ring ADM) 각영(서울역외 5개), 서울 부산가 구간망:SMT-1(4F) 신호기계실, 서울 부사간 연결접속망:SMT-1(2F) 무선설비, 전력설비, 기지

Train radio system

열차무선설비 구분에 따른 기능을 설명하는 표
Type Function Key equipment
Central control center
  • 1. Relay station control
  • 2. Walkie-talkie position registration and call connection
  • 3. System operation status monitoring
  • 1. Local controller
  • 2. Radio switchboard
  • 3. Radio power comparer
  • 4. Remote monitoring controller
  • 5. Operation console Location : Nam Seoul Station
Relay base station
  • 1. Secure the whole section of high speed railway as radio communication available area, and provide the communication
  • 2. Transmit signal received from walkie-talkies to central control system
  • 3. Transmit signal received from central control system to walkie-talkies
  • 1. Walkie-talkie : 6
  • 2. Antenna and steel tower: 1 set, Installation places : 36 places
Tunnel facility
  • Radio communication in tunnel, a poor reception area
  • 1. Install radical cables at 5.5m height on tunnel wall
  • 2. Instill bidirectional amplifier with 500m interval to secure constant radio power
  • 1. Radial cable
  • 2. Bidirectional amplifier
Radio transceiver
  • Radio transceiver for KTX
  • 1. Install in the driving room of high speed train and provide voice communication between OCC and stations
  • 2. Transmit failure information sent from the computer installed at the rolling stock to required place such as command rooms Radio transceiver for station
  • 3. Portable radio transceiver installed at station and maintenance center to be used in radio communication between train and maintenance staff
  • 4. It is installed in maintenance vehicles or carried by maintenance staff to be used in radio communication between maintenance center and maintenance staff

Automatic Fare Collection

  • High-speed railway and general railway section
    • This facility produces and collects boarding ticket automatically for the use of high-speed railway
    • Counter style terminals that produce boarding tickets, automatic ticket vending machines to let passengers buy tickets directly, and automatic gate machines are installed at high-speed railway stations (17 stations). Only Counter style terminals are installed for general railway section
역무자동화설비 처리 장치,자동매표기,자동 발권기
  • For general railway (Metropolitan area subway section)
    • This facility produces and collects subway ticket automatically for the use of metropolitan subway
    • Support automatic gate process for deferred payment (credit) transportation cards (7 types), and charging and gate processes for prepaid (direct debit) transportation card (1 type)
    • Install and operate at metropolitan subway stations (109 stations)