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Chairman Message

126 years with railways, rail infrastructure manager Korea National Railway, under its new name, will make an even better 100 years with you.

CEO Message

국가철도공단 이사장 이성해

We will go with you on the fast, safe and comfortable railways

Welcome to our website!

Korea National Railway is a state-owned rail infrastructure manager founded in January 2004 to build an efficient national rail network and to see to efficient management of the rail infrastructures and assets.

Starting with the opening of Gyeongbu HSR in 2004 followed by Honam HSR and Suseo HSR in later years and establishment of metropolitan rail network in the capital region, Korea National Railway has been driving the renaissance of railways. And, today 20 years on since its launching, Korea National Railway is leading the new era of railways.

In the future, Korea National Railway will carry on with boosting our role as a vital player in further growth of railways and, through continuous innovation, do our utmost for Korea to become an advanced railway country with competitive edge in the global railway market.

To this end, there are a number of tasks that need to be performed including innovating our processes to ensure that our projects are completed on time as promised to the public people, streamlining rail infrastructure costs, integration of some railway industry sectors, and more active R&D.

In particular, Korea National Railway will seek to innovate from within and enhance efficiency and effectiveness of the organization so that we may become a vigorous frontier towards the future.

Today when the expectations of the people who are not only our customers but the real owners of the railways are increasing, customer satisfaction must be our first and foremost value if we are to achieve further development of the railway industry.

At Korea National Railway, keeping in mind that the backbone of railways is the people, we will do our very best for our railways to produce new customer values.

Thank you for visiting our website!

Lee, Seong Hai
Chairman & CEO