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  • 2024
    02.19.The 8th chairman Lee Seonghai was inaugurated.
  • 2023
    12.16.Completed construction of Dongducheon~Yeoncheon Line
    07.01.Completed construction of Daegok~Sosa Line
    06.05.Commenced construction of Pyeongtaek~Osong double Line
  • 2022
    05.28.Completed double track railway of Yongsan-Gangnam of Sinbundang Line
    03.31.Open Seodaegu Station
    03.19.Completed double track railway of Jinjeop Line(Danggogae~Jinjeop)
  • 2021
    12.31Completed double track railway of central Inland line(Icheon-Chungju)
    12.28Opening of 4 railway projects in the southeastern region
    (Dongdaegu~Yeongcheon, Yeongcheon~Singyeongju, Singyeongju~Taehwa river, Taehwa river~il-kwang)
    10.30Open Tangjeong Station on Janghang Line
    02.16The 7th chairman Kim Hanyoung was inaugurated.
    01.04Completed construction of Wonju~Jecheon Line
  • 2020
    12.10Completed construction of Gunjang national industrial complex line
    09.15Completed construction of Ulsan New Port line
    09.12Completed construction of Suin Line (Suwon~Hanyang Univ. at Ansan)
    09.10Changed its corporate name from 'Korea Rail Network Authority' to 'Korea National Railway'
  • 2019
    12.18Completed construction of Pohang Youngil Bay New Port line
    09.28Completed construction of Gimpo goldline
    06.21Completed 2nd stage of Honam high-spped railway(Gwangju Songjeong~Gomagwon)
    03.15Completed Test Rail Track
  • 2018
    06.16Completed double track railway of West Coast Line(Sosa~Wonsi)
    02.14The 6th chairman Kim Sang Gyun was inaugurated.
    01.26Completed construction of Pohang–Yeongdeok section on Donghae Line
    01.13Completed construction of Incheon Airport T1-T2 Rail Link
  • 2017
    12.22Completed construction of Wonju-Gangneung Line
    08.12Signed Operation System Works contract for Jakarta LRT Project Corridor 1
    02.24Completed All Tunnels of Gimpo urban railroad
  • 2016
    12.30Completed construction of Donghae Nambu Line (Bujeon~Ilgwang)
    12.09Completed construction of SRT(SR Train, Super Rapid Train)
    10.06Completed Gangneung tunnel of Wonju-Gangneung Line
    09.24Completed double track railway of Seongnam-Yeoju Line
    07.15Completed construction of Gyeongjun Line(Jinju~Gwangyang)
    02.27Completed construction of Suin Line(Incheon~Sondo)
    01.30Completed construction of Sinbundang Line(Jeongja~Gwang-gyo)
  • 2015
    11.12Commenced construction of Boseong~Imseongri railroad
    11.04Commenced construction of Central Inland(Icheon~Chungju) railroad
    08.05Commenced construction of Gyeongwon Line(Baengmagoji~Military Demarcation section Line)
    08.01Completed 2nd stage of Gyeongbu KTX(Daejeon~Daegu Downtown Section)
    05.22Commenced double track railway of West Coast Line(Hongseong~Songsan)
    04.29Commenced construction of 2nd stage of Janghang Line improvement(Nampo~Ganchi)
    04.01Completed construction of Honam high-speed railway
    03.31Completed construction of Pohang KTX
  • 2014
    12.26Completed double track railway of Gyeongui Line(Yongsan~Gongdeok)
    12.10Commenced construction of double track railway of Jinjeob Line(Danggogae~Jinjeob)
    12.05Commenced construction of Eastern Sea Line(Yeogdeok~Samcheok)
    07.22Concluded work collaboration contract for railroad safety improvement
    (Korea High Speed Rail Network Authority / KORAIL / Korea Transportation Safety Authority)
    07.07Awarded the supervision of high speed railway construction between Beijing and Shenyang in China
    06.30Started KTX service to Incheon International Airport
    03.26Commenced construction of Gimpo urban railroad
    02.18The 5th chairman Kang Young-il was inaugurated
  • 2013
    11.30Completed double-track electrification of Bundang Line (Mangpo~Suwon 5.2km)
    11.14Completed double-tract electrification of Taebaek Line (Jecheon ~Ipseokri 14.3km)
    03.27Completed shifting of flooded railway between Moonsu~Masa (10.4km), Yeongju Dam
  • 2012
    12.05Completed double-track electrification of Gyeongjeon Line (Masan~Jinju 53.3km)
    11.20Completed restoration of Gyeongwon Line (Shintanri ~Cheolwon 5.6km)
    10.06Completed double-track electrification of Bundang Line (Wangsipri ~Seoulleng 6.8km)
    09.25Completed double-track electrification of Chungang Line (Yongmoon ~Seowonju 28km)
    05.01Completed speeding up of Jeolla Line (Iksan ~Yeosu 180.4km)
    02.28Completed speeding up of Gyeongchoon Line (Yongsan ~Chuncheon 90km)
  • 2011
    12.28Completed double-track electrification of Bundang Line (Jukjeon~Giheung, 5.1km)
    12.01Announced KR2020 Global Management Strategy and Vision
    11.21Completed double-track electrification of Gyeongjeon Line (Dongsooncheon~Gwangyang, 10.9km)
    11.01Announced the second foundation of the Authority and restructuring (4 divisions, 1 department, 1 research center, 5 local divisions)
    10.28Completed double-track electrification of New Bundang Line (Gangnam~Jeongja, 18.5km)
    10.05Completed double-track electrification of Jeolla Line (Iksan~Yeosu, 180.4km)
    08.23The 4th chairman Kim Gwang Jae was inaugurated
    04.04Announced the 2nd National Rail Network Construction Plan
    03.31Completed double-track electrification of Chungang Line (Jecheon ~Dodam, 15.9km)
  • 2010
    12.Established railway Industry Information Center to realize a railway industry information hub
    12.28Completed 2nd stage of Incheon International Airport Railway (Seoul Station~Kimpo, 20.7km)
    12.21Completed double-track electrification of Gyeongchoon Line (Sinsangbong~Chuncheon, 81.4km)
    12.15Completed double-track electrification of Gyeongjeon Line (Samrangjin~Masan, 40.6km)
    12.13Completed Busan New Port Railways (38.8km)
    11.Completed 2nd stage of Gyeongbu high-speed railway (Daegu~Busan, 128.6km)
    07.04Restructuring (4 divisions, 2 departments, 3 groups, 1 research center, 5 local divisions)