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Conventional Intercity & Urban Rail Network Building

We build a track for everyone, moving quickly and pleasantly

The construction of 12 trunk lines and commuter lines allows the safe and efficient traffic of people and the fast and economical flow of goods.

Intercity rail network ramps up its competitive edge

Linkages between 2 HSL and intercity rail network

  • Gyeongbu HSL:

    Double-track electrification in Cheonan~Onyang Oncheon~Sinchang, Samnangjin~Jinju, & Ulsan~Pohang sections

  • Honam HSL:

    Double-track electrification in Jeolla line&Iksan~Daeya sections

    Single-track construction In Boseong~Imseong-ri section

Regional rail construction for local economic growth and inter-area cooperation

  • 4 projects incl.
    • Pohang~Samcheok(`02~`22), Boseong~Imseong-ri (`02~`22),
      Icheon~Mungyeong(`05~`21), Poseung~Pyeongtaek(`04~`20) sections
  • 11 double-track eletrification projects incl.
    • Wonju~Jecheon(`03~`21), Ulsan~Pohang(`03~`21), Busan~Ulsan(`93~`21),
      Iksan~Daeya(`05~`21), Daegu line(`06~`20), West Coast Line(`09~`22), Yeongcheon~Singyeongju(`10~`21),
      Dodam~Yeongcheon(`10~`22), Cheonan~Cheongju airport(`14~`22), Seongnam~Yeoju(‘02~’17), Dongducheon~Yeoncheon(‘10~’19), Wonju~Gangneung('97~'18) sections

Capacity improvement by line upgrading

  • janghang line 2nd-step improvement(`10~`20)

Public-private partnership projects for public mobility

  • BTO:

    Incheon international Airport line, Sinbundang double-track electrification

  • BTL:

    Double-track electrification of Jeolla line (Iksan-Shinri section), Sosa~Wonsi section, and Samryangjin~Jinju section (3 sites)

Freight rail construction to serve industrial complex

  • 3 projects incl.
    • Ulsan New Port line(’10~’20), Pohang Youngil Bay New Port line(’10~’19),
      Gunjang Harbor Line(’05~’21)

Urban rail network connects neighboring cities

Seoul Metropolitan Areas

  • the Centre corridor : 1 double-track electrification projects Yongsan~Gangnam(‘16~’32) sections
  • the Northeast corridor : 1 double-track electrification projects Yongsan~Munsan(‘93~’17) sections
  • the South corridor : 2 double-track electrification projects Samsung~Dongtan(‘14~’24), Dangokae~Jinjeop(‘14~’22) sections
  • the Southwest corridor : 3 double-track electrification projects Suwon~Incheon(‘95~’22), Daegok~Sosa(‘06~’23), Sosa~Wonsi(‘11~’18) sections

Busan Metropolitan Areas

  • 1 double-track electrification project for Bujeon~Masan(‘14~’22) section