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Human-Oriented Railway

Our goal is for everyone to be happy when traveling by rail-both on trains and at station

  • Regarding weaknesses with foot traffic, We have improved our facilities, including tactual maps, braille blocks, hand-rails and electronic guide equipment.
  • We also have a number of facilities specifically designed for seniors and the handicapped, such as elevators, toilets and ticket offices for their convenience.
  • Nursing rooms are available for mothers and children, mini-libraries and computer lounges are located in railway stations for those with long wait times.

Rail systems fitting nicely with urban landscapes

  • The areas surrounding a station connect to each other. The station acts as a hub of commerce and social activity for cities. We have built roads over and under the station to contribute to the revitalization of the city. The railway increases its role as a medium of connection, not disconnection.

Expansion of passenger rervice facilities images