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Signal control

Signal controll

Signal control

Automatic Train Control(ATC)

  • Features
  • Project scale
    • Because signal equipment cannot be identified with naked eye, adopt on-board signaling method (Cab Signaling) for high-speed railway
    • The train position is detected using track circuits distributed with about 1.5km interval
    • Transmit various information including tolerable speed from wayside control to the rolling stocks through the rail
    • Display tolerable speed in currently driving section for the driver. When the train is operated faster than the tolerable speed, this equipment decelerates the train speed automatically.
    • Wayside devices are controlled in signal machinery rooms which are located every 10 ~ 15Km.
선행열차와 후속차간 거리에 따른 운행 제어 곡선 도표

Centralized Traffic Control (CTC)

  • Features
    • In this train operation management system, train operation status for entire section is monitored from central command room and train routes are automatically remote controlled according to train service schedule entered to the computer.
    • The system is composed of large central display panel that allows to monitor train operation for entire section, command console to remote control train operation, and maintenance consol to manage signal facilities


  • Features
    • This system organizes routes safely at the places switch units are located such as station, and indicates a signal that the train can move forward after confirming the route.
    • There is also electric/electronic interlocking, and information processors are tripled to raise safety.
    • Adopting majority process system, at least two or more identical information is required to take an action. In this train operation management system, train operation status for entire section is monitored from central command room and train routes are automatically remote controlled according to train service schedule entered to the computer.
연동장치가 설치되어 있는 레일

Moving Block System(MBS)

  • Features
    • The train position is detected using radio frequency (RF)
    • A rolling stock automatically controls the speed by itself according to the proceeding train position. Moving speed and transportation capacity are improved.
    • A wayside controller collects current position and speed periodically from the train, and transmits the distance between preceding train and speed limit point to the train.
    • On-board controller controls optimal speed applicable to the train performance
      ※ Being demonstrated on the Bundang Line

Cab signaling (ATP) system

  • Features
    • Solve the problem of electromagnetic interference, failure, and movement speed limit, which are weak points in Automatic train stop (ATS)
    • Applicable to high speed and high density driving, and secure safety and reliability
    • Automatically calculate braking distance for control
    • As it can reduce distance between trains drastically compare to existing wayside signaling method, line usage efficiency and train operation efficiency are improved because up, down, and bidirectional driving is available.
차상신호(ATP)시스템 이미지

Automatic Block System (ABS)

  • Features
    • Divide station section with multiple track circuits
    • Automatically display signal by train in operation, so that more than one train can be operated safely within a station.
폐색장치(ABS) 이미지

Automatic Train Stop (ATS)

  • Features
    • When a driver ignores signal due to bad weather (thick fog, blizzard) or drowsiness, or drives too fast, it triggers an alarm for 5 seconds and automatically stops the train
자동열차정지장치(ATS)가 설치된 레일, 자동열차정지장치(ATS) 장치 확대, 자동열차정지장치(ATS) 장치 제어반

Safety facility

  • Features
    • This facility detects any factor disruptive to safe train operation from the wayside beforehand, and makes the train slow down or stop to secure safe operation.

Weather monitoring facility

  • Features
    • Being installed with about 20km interval, it measures rainfall, wind speed, and snowfall.

Obstacle detector

  • Features
    • Installed at the places where rockslide, soil collapse, and car drop are concerned
지장물 검지장치

Axle temperature detector

  • Features
    • Being installed in about 30km interval, it measures the axle bearing temperature of running a train with an infrared sensor.
연동장치가 설치되어 있는 레일, 연동장치 처리 시스템

Rail temperature detector

  • Features
    • Being installed on the curve or places where rail temperature can be easily raised, it measures the rail temperature.

Tunnel alarm

  • Features
    • It triggers an alarm when a train approaches to a tunnel to warn the workers in the tunnel.
터널 경보장치,터널 경보장치 제어반

Crossing alarm

  • Features
    • It is installed at a place where railway and road are crossing at grade
    • Inform passengers a train approach a certain time (30 seconds in default) before they pass the crossing to prevent accidents.

Communication Based Train Control (CBTC)

  • Features
    • A system controlling train by transmitting train control information, including real time train positioning detection and speed control using radio frequency, etc.
      * KTCS-2(Korea Train Control System-2) is the same as above.
  • Driver Machine Interface
  • Wayside Signal unit
  • Radio Infill Unit

Korea Train Control System-2 (KTCS-2)

  • Features
    • A high-tech system controlling train by wireless using radio communication networks for railway(LTE-R) which is under national R&D commercialization. Track circuit is used for simple train detection.
KTCS-2 Image