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Mission & Vision


Faster, safer and more comfortable railways going with the people

  • Faster,

    • - Expand HSR benefit regions and upgrade conventional railways for higher speeds to provide faster transport services
    • - Build more regional lines to ease traffic congestions in metropolitan areas
  • safer,

    • - Enhance operational stability through renewal of aged facilities and reinforcement of natural disaster prevention facilities
    • - Enhance passenger safety by improving and adding more safety facilities such as platform screen doors
  • and more comfortable railways

    • - Create more comfortable railway environment by adding more facilities for the mobility disabled and installing more soundproof walls
    • - Continue with environmental preservation and improvement activities to further reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to minimize damages to eco-systems
  • going with the people

    • - Implement people-oriented railway projects that promote open participation
    • - Achieve greater happiness of the people and balanced national development through railways


Railways, connecting people
Railways, gateway to the world

  • Railways, connecting people

    • - Building national rail network safely linking all corners of the country
    • - Expanding rail infrastructures creating people-oriented social values
  • Railways, gateway to the world

    • - Preparing foundation for Eurasia-linked railway for era of new Korean Peninsula
    • - Strengthen global competitiveness of the national railway industry through future responsive technology innovation

Core Values


2025 Strategy

2025 Strategic Goals