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Electrification & Power Facility

Electrification & Power Facility

Transmission line

It refers to extra-high voltage(154kV) electric line constructed for transmitting the power from KEPCO substation to railway substation and two-lines are installed overhead or underground

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Substation facility

  • Substation converts extra-high voltage(154kV) received from transmission line to alternating voltage(55kV) suitable for electric railway and supplies a catenary with the power or disconnects it from the catenary
  • Main facilities
    • Substation(S/S) : It transforms voltage from extra-high(154kV) to 55kV in order to supply a catenary with the power
    • Sectioning Post(SP) : It is constructed between substations to connect or disconnect the power for both sides
    • Parallel feeding post(PP) : It is constructed with AT(auto transformer) at intervals of 8~10km to reduce inductive communication disturbance from AC traction line and compensate the voltage drop
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  • Power supply schematic

Catenary system

  • It is a electric line which is in contacts with the pentagraph of electric rolling stock and supplies electric power to the electric rolling stock
  • Dynamic character of catenary and pentagraph is critical factor determining the speed of the electric rolling stock, so we have the technical know-how of catenary system at each level of speed
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  • main parts of catenary system
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Performance comparison of each speed

철도 전차선로 전경 관련 표
division 300km/h 350km/h 400km/h
contact wire Cu 150㎟ CuSn 150㎟ CuMg 150㎟
messenger wire CuMg 65㎟ CuMg 116㎟ CuMg 116㎟
tensioning device contact wire 20,000N 26,000N 34,000N
messenger wire 14,000N 20,000N 23,000N

Power distribution system

It is the facilities that supply the power to railway station, tunnel facilities, signaling system and communication system etc. which include electric line, switchgears and its attached devices

SCADA(Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) system

This system is installed on the rail traffic control center in Guro, Seoul, to monitor and control the electrification & power systems remotely by collecting and analyzing the real-time operational information of the electric facilities on catenary and substation all over the country

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