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  • Consultancy Services for Cameroon National Railway Research Master Plan
    Research on Cameroon national railroad master planning
    Project period
    Sep. 2009 ~ Dec. 2011
    Main tasks
    • Establishment of a national railroad master plan of Cameroon through 2035
    • Feasibility studies on construction of urban railroads in major cities
  • Feasibility Study for Construction of Cameroon Railways
    Route Map for a feasibility study on railroad to be constructed
    Project section
    The total length of 578km from Mbalam to Kribi seaport, Cameroon
    Project period
    Oct. 2011 ~ Oct. 2012
    Main tasks
    • Establishment of route plans, train operation plans and calculation of the total operating expenses (including road-bed, system, etc.)
    • A rough feasibility study on new railroads to be constructed (110km from Idea to Kribi)
    • Analysis of economic and financial feasibilities