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  • Training in Korea for Cambodian Railway Officials
    이미지 없음
    Training name
    Invitation Training for National Railroad Master Planning in Cambodia
    Training period
    • 1st round(Short-term): Sept. 1, 2013 ~ Sept. 14, 2012 (two weeks)
    • 2nd round(Long-term): Apr. 19, 2013 ~ May 16, 2013 (four weeks)
  • PMC for Cambodia Railway Master Planning
    Route Map for Cambodian Railroad Master Planning Project
    Project name
    Cambodian Railroad Master Planning (PMC) Project
    Project period
    2011.11.25 ~ 2014.02.24 (27 months)
    scope of project
    • Selection of a master planning abency and consulting for an ordering organization
    • Project management based on evaluation on various reports made by contractors and technical consulting including evaluation