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TitleKorea Rail Network Authority puts VE into practice by sharing love

□ On October 8 (Wed), the Korea Rail Network Authority (Chairman & CEO Yeong-il Kang) announced that it has held the “2014 KR VE Competition” in order to facilitate VE in the railroad plan and 
construction sectors, and selected excellent cases and proponents with regard 
to VE in four sectors, including civil engineering, and donated the entire 
prize money to the Panam Social Welfare Center in Daejeon. 

  ○Three excellent teams were selected based on an evaluation of VE 
projects submitted by 15 teams that participated in the VE competition.

  ○The “Pohang ~ Samcheok Railroad Construction Roadbed Design VE Team” 
received the grand prize for saving 67.8 billion won (about 6% of the entire amount) 
through an adjustment of the scale of stations and location of platforms and formative 
changes in national highway transit sections based on a reevaluation of railway 
operation plans.