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TitleKorea Rail Network Authority wins ‘Korean Readers' Choice Awards’ for four years in a row

□ The Korea 
Rail Network Authority (Chairman & CEO Yeong-il Kang) 
announced that it became the first public institution to win the “Korean Readers' Choice Awards” 
(KRCA) for four years in a row in the 2014 Korean Sustainability Conference 
held at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Yeoksam-dong, Seoul on October 7 (Tue.).

○ The Korean Sustainability Conference is organized by the Korean 
Standards Association and sponsored by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and 
Energy and Korea Commissions for Corporate Partnership.

○ The KRCA won by the Korea Rail Network Authority is given to companies that 
excel in communicating with stakeholders (consumers, partners, employees and 
others) and for socially responsible activities, and prize winners are selected 
based on readers’ grades on corporate reports in addition to evaluation conducted 
by professional groups.