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TitlePilot operation of new high-speed train launches on Honam High-Speed Line

□ The Korea Rail 
Network Authority (Chairman 
& CEO Yeong-il Kang) announced that it is launching the pilot operation of 
a new high-speed train in the entire section (180km) of the Honam 
High-Speed Line starting from October 21.

 ○ The Korea Rail Network Authority invested 736 
billion won (the government and the Authority went in half-and-half) in the 
project and gave Hyundai-Rotem an order for a total of 22 train sets (220 train 
cars). It plans to conduct pilot operation for the completed high-speed trains 
in the entire section of the Honam High-Speed Line on a daily basis (four train 
sets or more at a maximum) for the purpose of checking vehicular 

 ○ In November, Train No. 1 was operated on a trial basis on existing 
operating lines, including the Gyeongbu High-Speed Line, and performance tests 
on 127 items, such as a running test and brake test, were completed. Pilot 
operation is consecutively being conducted for the remaining trains on the 
operating line.